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Hello and many thanks to you for visiting my website. I truly hope you find here what you are looking for. Angela Arnold

I started my Spiritual journey twenty years ago and although it sounds a long time, in reality it is actually fairly recent. I have learned so much in that time but have only really touched the tip of the potential of what I can learn and become. The more I learn and grow the more I can offer to you. I work with a vast range of different energies, all beautiful, wonderful Beings of Light.The most profound for me being Angelic Multidimensional Healing. It is by far the most effective and the most complete system I have encountered to date and as such will not be looking for anything else to 'learn' because as I study within AMD so I will grow and the Angelics/Galactic Beings/ Ascended Masters/ Divine Source will assist me to higher and higher levels. The treatments can be life changing in many ways.

Dec 2010, I have recently had the honour of having received initiations to the collective angel consciousness known as The Seraphim. How blessed I feel and I am very excited about the immediate future and growing further with their energy, I will report back more as things progress.

March 2011, the energies of the collective Seraphim are indeed amazing, I have been back to Claudia Eades(see link to her website) who is the wonderful lady who introduced me to them, for deepening of the original activation received and I am waiting for April for the next one. Being in a state of Grace is the most wonderful place to be not only for us but for our lovely planet Gaia too, it is where we should aspire to be.

I have also been teaching my Angelic Multidimensional Practitioners the next stage of the system and last weekend was very proud indeed to welcome my first set of AMD Master Practitioners. They are a wonderful set of ladies who are all going to go on to do great things with this most amazingly wonderful system. It is ever growing and so will we be in our endeavour to bridge the gap between the Angelic, Galactic Kingdoms and Earth.

I offer a wide variety of Therapies and teach some of them as well. I love what I do and that is very much reflected in the treatments that you receive and the tranquil environment that I have created which offers both peace and serenity.

Please read on and contact me with any questions which you may have, I will be delighted to hear from you.
In 2012, I was drawn to do a workshop in London with a guy called Paul McCarthy, (see link) called Lightships Starships, fabulous course and Paul is a great leader, very knowledgeable in what he does and makes it so easy to understand. This workshop has opened up my AMD so much more for me as it has helped me to understand the link between Angels and the Galactic/Star people. We view them in our 3d world as being worlds apart when in fact they are all linked together in their quest to help the Earth with her progress and healing, there is no divide! Awesome, I thank Paul eternally for helping me to understand that and so to help me in my personal growth.

I returned for one of the Star Seed Energy Management courses, which gives you sets of crystals all attuned to the energy of the various Star Systems, you are taught how to work with them, once again, a totally awesome experience and another amazing healing system made so simple but oh so powerful!!

I have returned several times over the years to Paul's workshops thus deepening further my connection to the Constellations, Stars and Celestials. Most recently I have connected with the energies of Messier 13, a cluster of millions of Stars on the far side of the Universe. In particular, I have integrated with a group of twelve Celestial Beings willing to support my healing work. Their connection through me provides a blend of both Angelic and Galactic energies which together deepen and enhance all that I offer and all that I AM.

This image represents the twelve streams of Celestial consciousness blending with myself at the central point.
This is a further enhancement to the Angelic Multidimensional healing work that I already offer. I feel very blessed that I have been offered this connection to work with the higher realms of Light and consider it a high honour.

Grace, Love and Joy, Angela



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