Angela Arnold

Teacher and Therapist


Angelic Multidimensional Healing

This healing system is, to me, the most complete healing system that there is available at this time. The healing comes through from the appropriate beings, be that from Angelic, Ascended Master, Galactic or even with the Divine Source and is then merged with my Healing Angel before the energy then merges with the recipients. It is conducted with just a very light hands on touch and is capable of working on the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels.
You are totally in charge of all healing received, I do not give the healing to you, you draw what is required. It is very, comforting, loving and supportive and can be extremely transformative.

The treatment usually takes around 45 minutes in total but time is spent both before and after the treatment to talk through your reasons for coming and what may have happened during the treatment.

Once there on the site you will find a very comprehensive description of this wonderful healing and personal growth system. Enjoy!

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A new Angelic Multidimensional Healing 2-day "attended" course has been created, which is aimed at those who would like to be attuned into the basic AMD system in order to work with the Realms of the Angelics for their own personal healing and growth (and for their family and friends), but who might not wish to take the more intensive training (see sections below) that would qualify them to become a Professional AMD Practitioner/Teacher and use AMD for the benefit of the general public. Accordingly this is not a certificated course, but you will receive a certificate of completion.
On this 2 day course you will receive an attunement that will open and align your healing channels and create a sacred bond with an Angel who has elected to join with you to aid and support your personal growth, healing and self-understanding from that point forwards. This accordingly offers you a life-enhancing opportunity to work actively on your self-growth in a fully safe and energetically supported manner in accordance with your Highest needs at that time. It also offers an amazingly simple yet effective tool that will enable you to connect and work closely on a very personal level with any of the Angels and Archangels, some of whom you will be introduced to on the course.
You will also be shown a simple non-contact "Angel-Heart" Healing technique that you can use with your family members and friends, with no need for conscious direction of the energies to be given by you - your aim will simply to be a clear and purposeful focus for those energies.

On the course you will:
experience a deep Angelic Clearing meditation prior to taking your attunement
receive an attunement to the Angelic Multidimensional Healing System through Divine Multidimensional "Keys of Light"
be linked with your Healing Angel who will then work with you on an ongoing basis
be given "hands on healing" experience in becoming a channel for healing through your Healing Angel using four specific techniques developed for this purpose
be given a comprehensive manual containing detailed supporting information together with complete instructions on performing all of the techniques you will be shown to enable you to use AMD for yourself, family and friends.

N.B: This 2-day course is an "optional extra" and is NOT a pre-requisite for those who wish to undertake the professional practitioner / teacher courses detailed below.
Having said that, it will be a useful introduction to AMD for those that choose to continue their development with AMD at a later stage!


AMD is a powerful healing method whereby the practitioner works in union with the Highest energies of the Angelic Realm and with the Ascended Healing Masters of Light of this Solar System, Galaxy and Universe to help bring about wholeness and balance on all levels to those receiving the energy. In many 'traditional' hands-on-healing modalities the therapist acts as a channel for Divine/Universal energies: in this system the energies of the Angelic and other Higher Dimensional Realms merge with the practitioner's, who acts as a focus in the physical realm for those Higher energies to be channelled to and for the recipient. The Angelic and Higher Realms in their infinite wisdom know what is appropriate at that time to promote healing, wholeness and balance in the recipient, thus the practitioner simply acts as a facilitator for Angelic and other appropriate energies to be transmitted to the recipient. During the attunement processes changes are made to a practitioner's energy bodies, preparing them to start working with Angelic Beings of Light and establish a conscious and permanent link with the Angelic Dimension. This enhancement of the practitioner's energy signature also enables other Higher Dimensional Healing Masters to approach and merge with their energy field, thus broadening the scope of the healing. Additionally Multi-Dimensional Light-Beings are without limitations, and thus can address any aspects that require it, enabling the release of physical, mental and emotional imbalances; karmic and ancestral issues - regardless of dimension, time or space.
This course will show you how to link with your own personal Healing Angel and how to work with the system for healing yourself and others. It will also provide background information that will introduce you to the Angelic hierarchy; introduce you to some of the Archaeon and Archangels, including the Angels of the 7 Rays; introduce you to the basic concepts of the 11 spheres (Sephira/Sephiroth) of the Kabbalah; introduce you to the Cosmic hierarchy and to 14 important Ascended Masters, including Lord Melchisadek; give you full guidance on setting up and preparing your healing space; give guidance on the many things you will need to know in order to work safely as a healing practitioner (including energetic protection and working with the Violet Flame, record keeping and legal requirements); and provide you with a basic understanding of the nature of the subtle body systems, including the function of the major chakras and "layers" of the auric field.
On the course you will:
Receive a deep Angelic Clearing prior to taking each attunement
Receive a full attunement to stage one of the Angelic Multidimensional Healing System through 5 Divine Multidimensional symbols, activated to Galactic level
Be linked with your Healing Angel who will work with you on an ongoing basis
Receive a full attunement to stage two of the Angelic Multidimensional Healing System (Practitioner level) through 9 Divine Multidimensional symbols, activated to Galactic level
Receive from Archaeon Metatron the Angelic Keys to the Divine Multidimensional symbols given in stages one and two, enabling them to be experienced through all levels of form and Divine form

Be given a Master crystal which will hold the Divine Angelic Codes of Healing

Receive Divine Blessings and attunements from the Regent Princes of the Angelic Hierarchies of Light and the Angelic Regents of the Kabbalah

Be given "hands on healing" experience in becoming a channel for healing through your Healing Angel as the first steps in Multidimensional Co-creative Healing, including:
Self-Healing through your connection with your Healing Angel

Healing for others through your connection with your Healing Angel

"Angel-Heart" Absent or Distant Healing for people, places or events

Healing with assistance from Angelics who work specifically with humanity and our planet

Healing with assistance from Ascended Masters of Light who work with humanity and our planet

Healing with assistance from the Galactic Healing Masters of Light of this Galaxy and Universe

Learn how to attune crystals or any other natural supportive tool to Angelic vibrations
Receive Lord Melchisadek's Ascension Blessings and Rods of Power

Be given a very full and comprehensive training manual, containing detailed supporting information and complete instructions on performing each of the techniques


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