Angela Arnold

Teacher and Therapist


Galactic Dimensional Healing

The Magelan Collective

At this time, many are finding connections with their Star origins as their cellular memories triggered by Light codes reveal themselves to those dedicated to the path of Light. From across the vastness of Space, cosmic Light Codes are being drawn to those vibrating in harmonic resonance with the higher Angelic frequencies of Sacred Heart and Mind.

From one such location at the far side of the Universe is Messier 13 – (Messier meaning Harvest Master, one who watches over the harvest (early French)). This great globular cluster of over 300,000 stars can be seen in the night sky within the constellation of Hercules.

It was the focal point of the Arecibo radio message broadcast in 1974 with the intention of providing detailed information of human life, DNA composition, language and mathematical numeric structures used on Earth to inform extra-terrestrial life forms capable of receiving such a message, of our existence. A reply to this was received embedded in a crop circle on August 2001 at Chilbolton, UK.

At this time, a crystalline object in the form of a Stellated Dodecahedron (12) was sent forth towards Earth carrying the combined knowledge of multiple planetary civilizations as star encoded Light Language.
This information is provided freely by higher dimensional entities to aid and assist other such life forms who have reached the required intellect and consciousness frequencies of understanding and knowledge. The knowledge finds those who have reached required levels of attunement. For those who understand the question, so shall the answer be made known. As with all encoded Light Language, the information presented is multi dimensional in nature and takes many forms as created manifestation at the lower levels of frequency.

One such individual reaching such frequencies is Angela Arnold.

Angela’s own journey began twenty years ago evolving through a number of modalities including Angelic Multi-Dimensional healing (AMD) and later receiving attunements through the energies of the collective Seraphim. This led to furthering her understanding between the Celestial Angelics and the Galactic Star people. Within her work, Angela works closely with the magnificent healing energies of the Arcturians and more recently, the Andromedeans.
The arrival of the Stellated Dodecahedron has created an intricate connection with the energies of Messier 13. This has taken the form of a group of twelve Celestial Beings willing to support Angela. Their connection through her provides a blend of both Angelic and Galactic energies as a result of the twelve streams of Celestial consciousness blending with her at a central point.
The group’s signature energy has been named as The Magelan and is now working directly through Angela in order to enhance her important healing work.

Channelling this energy brought through a resonant connection to qualities that exist within the Earth’s collective consciousness. It was as though the remembering of the qualities created them at the same time. The personalities of the twelve reflected higher dimensional attributes of Pure Being. At these times, we lack those we can seek to emulate – the modern day worship of Gods take place through film and pop stars, athletes and sports players. Their skills are without doubt, but their personal qualities are not always suitable as role models for those who seek to improve their own circumstances, qualities and good fortunes, particularly amongst the next generation of young potential Earth keepers choosing instead personal fame and material wealth.

Angela has been able to manifest and work with this energy due to her ongoing dedication and work within Angelic Multidimensional Healing which has allowed her healing work to grow and expand enormously.

The Magelan collective revealed their nature as the Daughters of Hebe. We find Hebe being the Greek Goddess of Eternal Youth and Rejuvenation – also known in Rome as Juventus. She served the Gods of Olympus with the divine drink, Ambrosia which brought immortality to those who consumed it. It was fitting that her marriage to Hercules brought him immortality and took her place with him within Messier 13 as the Hercules Global cluster in the constellation of Hercules.

The arrival of the celestial Daughters of Hebe and Hercules therefore personify the higher qualities of multi-dimensional being. The healing energies of cellular rejuvenation, recalibration and transformation towards the crystalline light body arrives at a perfect time of Earth’s Ascension and the Evolution of Divine Consciousness. These qualities will reveal themselves within the flowering energies of Higher Self Being provided by Angela’s healing work as it develops in the times ahead.

This higher information was provided through the energies of Polaris AB as channelled by Paul Dobree-Carey, December 2016. The Daughters of Hebe and the Hercules constellation were provided as reference points for the Source location of the energy of the Magelan Collective.
Angela see's and feels this energy as collective conciousness/layering.