Angela Arnold

Teacher and Therapist


Indian Head Massage

This is a massage of the head, neck and shoulders. Nothing relaxes us more than a good head/shoulder massage. Indian Head Massage is great for helping to get rid of persistent headaches as it increases the blood flow, it also helps to clear sinus problems and jaw tensions too.
This treatment lasts approximately 55 minutes.

Spinal Reflexology

A series of subtle movements are made to the muscles on the back and shoulders, then mobilisation is added which then allows tension to be released and for the spine to then continue its own healing. No bones are crunched, rather a coaxing of the muscles which then allows the body to re-align itself.
This treatment takes approximately 45 minutes.

Thai Foot Massage

First originated in Thailand over 2000 years ago. This is a massage of the feet, legs and hands which can aid circulation.
This treatment takes approximately 1 hour.